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[IC Contact post]


This is Rose. If you need to speak with me leave a message...


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[Charle's voice is on-edge and there is wind noise in the background.]
Rosie dear, this might be kind of important. Could you tell me what exactly you saw when you went to Mayfil? Or Kadessa, for that matter. I'd ask one of the others, but I'm a bit pressed for time and there is an unusual amount of restless dead about.

((Charle's airborne out by the ruins of Kadessa and is affected by the Fatal Frame plot, but hasn't realized what it is yet.))

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Mayfil and Kadessa? Mayfil, of course was full of spirits of the dead that were trapped by that city's power. The others and I even met Lavitz's that was being controlled by the one called Zackwell. But we defeated it and the spirits should have been freed to move on. As for Kadessa, beasts still dwell there, but the Super Virage and the Grand Jewel, are no longer there.

Why do you ask this?

[Dated sunrise after the Melbu!fight night; audio]

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Rose, it's done.
[She sounds absolutely exhausted]

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In case you check this first dear, I'd like to come by the Dreaming for our little visit soon. Would any time in this next week be good for you?

Text's From Last Night shenanigans can go under this thread.

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Akako..marry me.

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I don't remember changing my name to Akako.

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u losh your memory again?

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No. Pretty sure my name is Rose.

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Rose why u you have akako's phone?

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I dont have akako's phone.

I think.

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but i texted her number....

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[Okay, this thing hardly ever rings so it takes her by surprise.] Hello?

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Seven days.