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[RL with Naesala]

Rose feels ridiculous. As usual, she has lost the argument with Charle, and thus is wearing a dress for the surprise she has in store for Naesala. At least she was free to wear what she wants on her feet, which is a pair soft leather boots. Not that anyone can see them with how long the skirt is, but she will not be repeating the pain she felt during that ball the community decided to throw a while back.

She finishes placing the food on the table. Having tried several dishes with Hakkai and Roze, a simple beef and vegetable stew with rice was one of the few she found hard to ruin. Not exactly a fancy meal but it will do. The last thing she adds to the table is a bottle of wine. The same wine that he gave her for Christmas last year. It has yet to be open since she is not much of a drinker, but now, she thinks would be a good time to enjoy it.

All that is left now, is to wait for Naesala to arrive, and that, for some odd reason, makes Rose nervous, even though she has no reason to be.

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Naesala's worldhop arrives as agreed, and it doesn't take him long to find Rose.

And stop to blink a few times. He'd thought Rose might wear a dress, but that was not the one he pictured in his mind.

"-Good evening, Rose." Right. Words were things.

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"Good evening, Naesala."

He is staring at her, and thus makes her more aware of what she may look like, at the moment.

"Charle insisted I wear this. I suppose I look rather silly at the moment." Rose's gaze goes downwards, unsure if his reaction is a good thing or a bad thing. Why is it when it comes to battle she has all the confidence in the world, but when it comes to this sort of thing, it all goes flying out the window? Especially in front of Naesala?

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"Not at all. You're beautiful as always - I was just surprised."

It's the truth. He tells the truth more often around her than he does anywhere else.

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"Is it a surprise in a good way?" She is starting to relax a little as she begins to look back up at him.

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"Of course." He approaches her, and bends to kiss her hand.

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She blinks but does not pull away. Being the warrior that she is, it is rare for Rose to be treated as a lady like this.

"I made dinner for us as well," she says, turning her head some to hide the flush of color she feels starting to form. "I probably should apologize ahead of time if it is not very good."

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"I'm sure I'll enjoy the meal." Naesala doesn't fail to notice the blush, but tactfully decides not to comment.

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She takes his hand and leads him to where the table is set up. "Since that Christmas festival came about on the community, I had wanted to do something for you. This is what I came up with."

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"It's a wonderful gift. Thank you, Rose."

He kisses her lightly before pulling out a chair.

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"I am glad you like it." She smiles softly and sits down, smoothing the skirt over her legs.

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After shooting her a bright, honest smile, Naesala takes his first bite of the stew.

"...It's delicious."

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Well that was a relief. She smiles as she relaxes some more. "Thank you. I am not much of a cook so that is good to hear."

She goes and pours the wine before going to eat some of the stew.

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"...Is that the wine I gave you?"

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She nods. "I do not drink very often, and it did not feel right to drink it alone. So I saved it."

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"I suppose that means I needed to pick out a better gift," he comments lightly.

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"No, it was a good gift. I just wanted to wait for the right time to have it, like now."

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"Perhaps we should have a toast as well." He lifts his glass. "To us."

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She smiles again and lifts her glass as well. "To us."

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After taking a sip of his wine, Naesala begins eating his meal again. His heart feels lighter than it has in a long time, and he wonders if she feels the same way.

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She takes a sip of the wine as well, enjoying the taste of it. She feels more relax as she starts to eat, the nervousness that she felt earlier completely gone. "I am really glad that you like this. I was having trouble thinking of something to do for you."

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"I must say, for someone having trouble, you succeeded with flying colors," he comments.

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"I did have some help," she admits. "I asked those on the community for suggestions. Something like this just seemed more fitting."

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"I admit I've asked them about such things before." He pauses to think. "Strange to consider that I've been a member for almost two years now... If you asked me at the beginning I would have told you that it was a mildly amusing pastime."

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She arches a brow. "And now how do you think of it?"

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"It's a pain to be affected by the viruses, but I could never dream of leaving intentionally."

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She nods some. "As do I. I have grown quite attached to some people there on the community. Of course you would know that."
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"I would hope so, considering where we met."

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She smiles and takes another sip of wine. It was starting to make her feel warm inside, which was a good indicator that she shouldn't have another glass after this one. She never really was one to hold alcohol very well.

"You are certainly at the top of the list of people I have grown fond of on the community."

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Naesala was altogether better at holding alcohol, but he didn't intend to get even tipsy tonight.

"I'm glad to hear that. Of course, I expected it already."

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Rose gives a light laugh and finishes up her meal. "I would be disappointed if you did not."

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"Something might be terribly wrong with my self-esteem," Naesala answers, chuckling a little.

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"I would worry if something were to ever happen to your self esteem," she replied lightly before drinking more wine.

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"A harbinger of the end times," Naesala agreed, before also taking another sip.