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[Locked to anyone who may know about her relationship to Naesala. | Hackable!]

To those who know about the nature of my relationship with Naesala. I ask you to please not mention it publicly on the community due to some recent event.

As it turns out, it is taboo on his world for a human to date one of his kind. Before, that was not a problem since he was the only one from his world here. Now things have changed, and there is a new member on the community from his world who knows him. Thus, to play it safe, the relationship needs to be kept secret.
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Hacked- he's curious

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Who are you dating, and who's the new member that might get you in trouble?
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And my spark is breaking because you didn't include me.

I talked to Tibarn. Is he dangerous?
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I like to learn new things.

[Hm. Look at that...such a nice blackmail he got here. Just in case he needs it at some point.]

I see. No worries, I can keep a secret.
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Not a problem

Your boyfriend turns into a bird too?
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Not a problem

It's interesting to discover that other species have alt-modes.
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Both strange and fascinating,I'm not going to lie. I think I read about merfolks once. [Yeah he does investigate human stuff.] Aren't they mermaids?
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And what they turn into?
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And if your boyfriend turns into a bird, where does he usually live? On a tree?
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You know how to choose them well. [He's just teasing you a bit.]Why don't you live with him?
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Why don't he comes to your world instead?
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Relationship are quite complicated. That's we we don't do that sort of commitments.
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Wouldn't it be easier for you not to have attachments either?
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I've been doing that for more than 4 billion years, you tell me. You get used to it after a while.
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It's to so bad.
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always video;

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A taboo?
Do tell why,
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[annnnd a laguz is what Naesala must be] How silly,
how unfortunate
that this even exists
across worlds.
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Who is this person
from Naesala's world?
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[sounds legit] Tell me,
does he hold this
against all humans, against
all couples
who come from two different
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If the worst does happen,
Naesala may live in

your world.

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If you two are together,
if he loves you

...I do think

such an emotion can be as equally
powerful as a sense of duty.
[she's saying that whether she asks him to might not be a factor]