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[RL with Knock Out and Breakdown. Back dated a bit to when they were still kitties.]

[Things were certainly interesting at Rose's home this evening. Having a small dragon with two cats made the place not as peaceful as it usually does. Especially when the two cats were originally two giant robots, and the small dragon has been trying to get them to play with it. Luckily it was starting to get late so maybe things may start to quiet down a bit?]
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[Ey Knock Out was behaving.
For the most part.

At least he was not causing trouble, he was busy licking himself clean in front of the fireplace.]
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[Knock Out stops was he's doing to look first at the woman and then at the plate of food. It smells good, but he's not all thrilled with the idea of eating fleshie things. He flicks his tails, looking up at Rose again.]

Oh..did you cook it?
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[He let's go a small hiss. Sob, no, he didn't notice.]

Mrooow. [Frag.]
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[At the conversation and smell of food Breakdown comes out from the hiding place he had claimed. He knew he wasn't the only one like this, but this sucked slag, he was tiny and squishy. How was he supposed to do anything useful, like protect his partner, like this, it frustrated him.]

Are we supposed to eat that?
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Apparently. Any idea who's Charle? [Knock Out asked the other cat. He knew Breakdown won't touch the food unless he was sure it was safe. The former doctor he moved closer to the plate and smelled it. The dragon, who has nearly finished his own food, was eyeing it too. Rose was right. Primus be dammed I he was going to leave a squishy creature take anything from him.]

Mrow. [He said as a reply to her before gnawing at the food.]
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[Breakdown gave his best glare at the small dragon who was now eying his own food. He may not be used to organics on a whole but he knew most of them had to actively eat to survive and that his needs in this body would be different.]

I get the feeling that would be Charle.

[He made a small gesture to the dragon before setting in on his own food, there was no way he was going to let KO deal with any fall out from eating that alone.]
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[Knock Out can't probably eat that much, and he's not going to let you starving, buddy. He licked his snout and smoothed his whiskers with a paw.]

Nah, that's Rascal. I've met him before.

[Then he looked up at Rose.]

Wrow. [ Not bad!]
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Oh, maybe Charle is another like him? [Breakdown seemed to have settled down now that he had eaten. He decided to check out the place a bit.]
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Could be, yes.

[Knock out mewled at Rose again, the cat version of 'good night', and stared at her movements until she left the room. Why she was always so nice to them was beyond him, but he liked her. For a human, she wasn't really that bad.

He looked at Rascal after that and the dragon was still eying the food. Knock out wasn't hungry anymore, so he pushed the plate in his direction and moved to see what was Breakdown doing.]
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[Breakdown was slowly making his way towards where Rose had gone, his new size making him feel a bit needy to be around someone bigger, more able then he is, not that he would admit that.]
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[Knock Out is lazily moving to the couch, dot' mind him. He's going to clean himself for the 489473447 time.]
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[Upstairs Breakdown decides he wants to see what the bed is like and jumps up there.

It's so soft! Oh wow... he likes this part, soft can be nice... when you are already soft.

Still a bit inquisitive he moves up the bed to sniff softly at Rose.]