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[Failed Private lock]

I have a feeling Charle is up to something and it involves me. For the past few days she has been acting strange around me, and not being as nosy as usual. Nor does she want to chat as long as usual. Normally I would not mind her minding her own business for once, but with her it could never turn out well for me in the end.
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Is it all that bad?
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I don't know, I'm fond of him.
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You could get a unicorn.
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What do you do with any pet?
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They don't exist here either. Not that I'd have anything to do with one.
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I thought it was funny.
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But since she probably won't give you one of those, do you have any idea what she is planning?
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It's worth celebrating you for one day of the year, even if it might be a bit of.
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More people to celebrate it with?
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It's depressing on your own.
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They're an acquired, or lost, taste.
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If that's the case, you might as well tell them what your plans are.
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Probably not.
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Good luck, Rose.
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Is it that unpleasant?
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The 'Death Frontier' is a better alternative?
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We have a Desert of Death to the northeast of Tellius. Not very hospitable.
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Funny how 'death' is only in the names of unpleasant places no matter where you go.
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It really closes off the tourism of a weekend getaway to the Death Frontier.
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Too bad.
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How is she?
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Gooooooooood to hear.