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Rose ([personal profile] originaldragoon) wrote2012-06-20 11:26 am

[failed private entry. Are we surprise? no.]

Soa... I still miss him, and Charle is not making things any better with her constant questioning.

Perhaps I should go some place more secluded, at least for a while. I just need some time to clear my head and staying here in Ulara is not doing that.
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Ey. Maybe this ain't none of my business or anything but since it's out here 'n all... bein' alone don't usually make someone less lonely.
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Who's Charle? Do you want me to scare him away?
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Ah, a female one. My bad.

You can come to my world if you want but I don't suggest staying in the Nemesis.
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And it's a secret or you don't mind sharing....?
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Enjoy the vacations then. [Good enough for him.]