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Soa... I am not even sure if what happened for the past week or so was a virus or a fever induced illusion. It was certainly quite interesting though.
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[personal profile] harpbeat 2012-12-02 02:13 am (UTC)(link)
Oh, it was a virus! I am sure of it.
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Scorpion poison can be quite unpleasant, and not nearly so fun.
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Not as bad as a skeleton's poison breath, however. That can sting for what seems like an eternity!
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It's more like spitting than breathing, really. We just call it that.
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Animated skeletons.
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I was checking.
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All in one place like that's pretty unusual. Kinda feels like the place was just pullin' out all the stops for that one! Like we should give it a pat on the back for the "old college try" or somethin'.
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No one got hurt or broken hearted or nothin'. Beats messin' with yer real every day life, don't it?
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It was rather elaborate, wasn't it?
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I apologize for acting improperly.
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Perhaps not. At least the intention was genuine.