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The Wake App

Personal Information
Name: Tamara
Age: 32
Personal Journal:
Email / AIM / MSN / Plurk: [plurk.com profile] tiger_dragoon
Current Character(s): N/A

Character Information
Character Name: Rose
Fandom: Legend of Dragoon

Character History: Long ago, Rose was one of the original seven Dragoons who fought in a war known as the Dragon Campaign. The war was between the humans, with other races as allies, and a race known as the Winglies. The Winglies, led by Malbu Frahma, believed that because they possessed the most magic that they had the right to rule over and enslave all other races. The Dragoons, under the leadership of the human Emperor Diaz, were formed to fight against Frahma and his followers. The Dragoons was a small group that consisted of mostly humans, who had slain powerful dragons in order to take their crystallized souls, called Dragoon Spirits. The Dragoon Spirits allowed them to use elemental magic and command dragons that drew power from those elements, thus gave them a better chance in a fight against the Winglies.
Nothing is known about Rose before she became a Dragoon. It is safe to assume that she was a warrior, perhaps a knight, in Emperor Diaz’s army. Her strong will and skills as a fighter allowed her to be chosen to become a Dragoon, and thus was sent out to slay a dragon. With her fiancé Zieg, who was already a Dragoon, by her side, she was tasked to slay the Darkness Dragon. Once slain, she received the dragon’s spirit and a baby dragon was born from its corpse. She named the new born dragon Michael and raised him to be a beast of war and to fight alongside her in battle against the Winglies.
During the final battle of the war, Rose had witnessed her fellow Dragoons fall in battle. She even saw Zieg turned to stone before her eyes when he had defeated Malbu Frahma in single combat. This left her to be the only Dragoon who saw the end of the war.
When he had fought Malbu Frahma, Zieg had smashed crystal that Frahma drew his power from. That crystal contained the soul of a being called the Virage Embryo, which was the God of Destruction. When the world was still young, the Winglies had separated the Virage’s soul from its body. The soul was sealed away so they could draw power from it, and the body was cast into the sky to create a moon that never set. When Zieg smashed the crystal the soul was released and thus started a long ongoing cycle.
Rose found out what was in the crystal, and was told that the soul would be reborn as a human and then would try to find its way back to its original body, and thus mark the end of the world. Since she was the only Dragoon to survive the war, and knew her actions had started the possible end of the world, Rose decided she had to do something about it. With the help of Charle Frahma, the elder sister of Malbu who sided with the humans, Rose was made immortal. Every 108 years, when the Moon that Never Sets turned red, she had to find the baby who was born with the soul of the God of Destruction and kill it along with anyone who was nearby.
Because of all the death and destruction she had to caused in order to save her world, history began to refer to her as the Black Monster. Over time, the baby that would be born was referred to as the Moon Child, which people believed would bring salvation to the world. This only made her task seem more villainous, even though what she was doing was for the greater good.
She had done this for thousands of years, and she had grown into the habit of not staying in one place for very long, since she didn’t age. In order to keep sane she killed her own emotions and didn’t allow herself to get too attached to anyone other than her dragon Michael, who survived the war with her. For 10,000 years, the dragon stayed by her side until he fell into battle madness, which he couldn’t even recognized Rose. It was at this time she was forced to slay him, which left Charle Frahma to be the only person who knew about her life before she took on the task of being the Black Monster.
About 18 years after she slain the Moonchild for the 108th time, Rose met a young man by the name of Dart, a survivor of Neet which was the village she had to destroy when she last killed the Moon Child. She saved him from a green dragon that had chased him. When he had left to return to his village, her Dragoon Spirit started to glow, which was something it was only supposed to do in the presence of another Dragoon. Because of this, she started to follow him. When she finally caught up to him, it was revealed that he also possessed a Dragoon Spirit, the one that once belonged to Zieg.
She showed Dart how to use the Dragoon Spirit and accompanied him on his journey to find out why Emperor Doel, and later a Wingly named Lloyd, was interested in Dart’s friend, Shana. During the long journey, other Dragoon Spirits were discovered. Rose at first claimed she tagged along because her companions reminded her of her former comrades during the Dragon Campaign, but later she slowly started to open herself up to her emotions.
Later, it was revealed that her former lover, Zieg, was alive and was Dart’s father. Not only that, but he also was the one who commanded Lloyd to take Shana so that the God of Destruction could be revived. This, of course devastated Rose, and her history was revealed to the rest of her companions, including the part about her being the Black Monster.
Rather than going to kill Shana to prevent the God of Destruction from coming back, she joined Dart and their companions to find an alternate way to prevent it. The Moon That Never Sets was eventually brought down to the planet, and onto the Divine Tree, which was the source of all forms of life in the world.
Rose and the others ventured into the Moon in order to confront Zieg and to save Shana. It was then revealed that Zieg was possessed by Malbu Frahma, who only wanted to use Shana to bring down the Moon so that he could become the God of Destruction, rather than the Moon Child. At the end of the battle with Malbu, Rose with the non-possessed Zieg sacrificed themselves to destroy Malbu and the Moon That Never Sets from the inside, and bought time for the other Dragoons and Shana to escape.
Character Personality:
Over the centuries, Rose killed her own emotions in order to keep sane. She comes off as a very stoic and logical person, doing what is necessary for the greater good, rather than letting herself be hung up over her personal morals. She doesn't even hesitate to slay a defeated opponent when they ask to be killed.
The most emotion she usually shows is when she gets annoyed or angered over something, such as when the character Lavitz tries to walk away with her for a "date," and she slaps him for it. Most of the time her comments can be harsh, especially when in referencing to someone's weakness, or if someone makes a mistake. Like when Dart's Dragoon Spirit is stolen by bandits, she gets on him for being careless. In other words, she doesn't like to sugar coat things.
By the time she reaches the end of her canon, and she no longer has to keep secrets, she starts to show a little more emotion, she laughs for the first time in over 11,000 years and smiles a little. Though those moments are rare and far in between, since she has grown so use to keeping things to herself.
Rose is a type of person who will do what was necessary and has little regard to how it reflects on herself. She is willing to play the role of a monster, sacrifice her own humanity, and kill a newborn and everyone around it in cold blood in order keep her world being destroyed. She is also motivated by guilt somewhat, since she was the only Dragoon to survive the first Dragon Campaign and it was the Dragoon’s actions that brought about the cycle of the Moon Child being born every 108 years.
Rose is first and for-most a warrior and feels naked without her armor and sword. In social situations, she is a bit awkward, blunt and to the point with her opinions, and is often viewed as insensitive. Even though during her journey she grows use to having companions, she is still more likely to go off on her own, and not to rely on others very much.
In the end, Rose is still a private person, and is going to come off as stoic, harsh, and maybe even come across as heartless and cynical, since it's a habit with her by now. She will open up to those she becomes close to, but will maintain a serious attitude for the most part.
Powers and Abilities:
Rose is a highly skilled swordsman who relies more on speed than strength when it comes to a fight. Also, with her Dragoon Spirit, she can also summon her Dragoon armor and cast various attack spells and even summon the Darkness Dragon. The spells that she can cast are meant to attack the life force of a being and open a void to seal them in. Her Dragoon Spirit also allows her to control dragons, but I doubt she will be using that in the course of the game.
She has a total of four spells in her Dragoon form, but she will only be bringing in the first two into the game. The first one is called Astro Drain, which allows her take some of the life force from her enemy and use to heal herself or an ally, thus allowing her to heal and cause damage at the same time. The second one is known as Death Dimension, which allows her to seal away part of an enemy's life force in a pocket dimension and then shatter it. The third being Demon's Gate which allows her to open a void to suck enemies into. The final is being able to summon Darkness Dragon to attack.
She can only cast these spells if she summons her Dragoon armor, and even then, it will need to be in the heat of battle. She can summon her armor without being in a fight, but it will drain her some, thus not be able to cast her spells effectively.
Her Dragoon armor also has wings and thus allows her to fly

[The video comes on and you see a slightly annoyed Rose. Her ever present sword is nowhere to be seen on her belt.]

If anyone has seen a girl who goes by the name of Meru, please inform me as soon as possible. She decided to play one of her pranks and took something of mine. Obviously, I wish to get it back.

[She sighs a bit, a little more than frustrated. Being without her weapon makes her feel naked and vulnerable, but at least she is trying hard not to show that through the network.]

She should not be that hard to spy. She is a fifteen year old girl with blood red eyes and whose hair is long, white, and is always tied back with a ribbon. Normally she wears an outfit suitable for a dancer and she always has a war hammer with her for defense. You should not have to worry about her attacking, as she would rather you pay attention to her dancing than anything else. She also tends to be more annoying when she thinks she is being playful an friendly.

[She goes to turn off the camera but stops as she remembers something else]

One more thing, if you happen to find my sword before you fine her, please return it to me.

[She finally turns off the video.]

Third Person:

"So Rose, have you ever been in love?" Haschel asked as he leaned back against the ships railing.

The question took Rose by surprise, making her question why she thought it would be a good idea to stop and talk with the older looking man. "I do not see how any of that is your business," she replied sharply.

Haschel gave a chuckle. "Such a harsh woman. I was just curious is all. For most young women, like yourself, falling in love seems to be all they think about. I knew my daughter when she was a little younger than you. Perhaps that was the reason the ran away."

Rose nearly snorted at the age comparison. She highly doubted that Haschel's daughter was ever a little younger than her. In fact, she was old enough to be the man's many times great grandmother. But she kept her stoic composure and shook her head. "I am not like most women. I have better things to think about than love."

The truth was, "love" was still a very sensitive subject for her even after thousands of years. It opened old wounds and made her think about the happiness she had before the final battle of the Dragon Campaign.

She was about ready to turn and leave when Haschel spoke up again. "Then how about a change in subject? Why did you decide to travel with Dart and the rest of us?"

It was an honest question, and she was surprised no one had bothered ask it until now. In fact, she wasn't a hundred percent why she bothered to come along. At first she thought it was because Dart possessed Zieg's Dragoon Spirit, but now she wasn't so sure. His mission had nothing to do with her, and it would had been in her best interest to stay away from him since he sought to kill the Black Monster.

She gave bit of a shrug, "This journey is really just a break for me." That was somewhat true in a sense. This journey was different from her usual routine throughout the centuries. It had been awhile since she allowed herself to get close to anyone, and even she had to admit it was nice for a change.

Haschel shook his head some. "That really makes me wonder about you, if you think chasing a man like Lloyd around the world as a 'break.'"

Rose shrugged again and turned to leave. "Think what you will but that does not make my reason any less true." And she walked away towards the crow's nest before he could reply, suddenly filled with the need to be alone.

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