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It has been a very long time since I had felt like this. In fact, I can honestly say that I am happy.

Of course, there is a downside to this. Charle keeps nagging me for details. I might end up visiting Corinthian in the Dreaming for an extended amount of time for some peace and quiet.
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I can understand what is being written on the community again, so I guess the virus is over. I had never realized that somehow everything was translated through the community, into my own language.

Of course, that virus had to hit just then. Maybe it was a sign that I shouldn't say anything....
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[So what is Rose daydreaming about now? Well, she is in a field practicing with her sword. Her movements are graceful and shows how skilled she is. She is concentrating on her movements she doesn't notice someone is coming up behind her.

[A yelp escapes her as the person's arms wrap around her. She briefly tenses up, but then relaxes, a slight frown on her face. You still can't see who the other person is.]

You know, I could have easily cut right into you for sneaking up on me like that.

[There is a low chuckle, and a male's voice is heard.] I figured, but I thought I would take the risk.

[She signs and turns around in their arms, a slight smile on her face. Now you can see who snuck up behind her. It is a certain raven king that is present on the community. She reaches up and kisses him on the lips, and it is not a brief peck.

[And the video ends with them still kissing.]
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Though it has been years since that day, it is still strange to look up into the sky and not see the Moon That Never Sets.

Though I no longer feel like I should be a part of this world, it is nice to see those of Ulara again. Charle was quite eager to greet me... And then give me grief for not visiting sooner.
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It has been a while since I have seen Charle... Perhaps I should go visit her soon, since it has been well over a year when I was last in Ulara. As much as I do not like going to my home world, I think I should at least let her know that I am doing well.
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I did not realize how dull it could be without access to community. I must have gotten too connected to this place...
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A virtual kiss, Naesala? Really?
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Soa, I am so glad to be back in my own body.

Jak, I hope I did not get you into too much trouble with Keira.
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Soa, I am glad that is over. I did not mind seeing Arnau again, but the second virus that hit me was nothing but a headache. It made me wonder, if my brothers were around when I was old enough to court, if they would have acted the same way as that moron did.
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[Rose arrived at the location that Minato told her about. She recognized the location as one of the Earth worlds, so she decided to more modern clothes than her leather armor. It made her feel a bit awkward, but it was better than standing out if someone else sees her. She also decided to bring one of her normal swords, rather than the Dragon Buster, since this was just for practice.]
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Strange. I had actually gotten used to him being around. Too bad it was only for a virus.
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Soa... I am grateful that is over...

Thank you, to those who came after my shadow, and sorry for the things she said...
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Strange.... I think this is the first time I have seen fog appear around the palace.

It makes me wonder why it is in this part of the Dreaming.
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A red string.... Didn't the community use strings like this before? Either way, I wonder where, or who, it leads to...
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Work in progress because I need to work out a few things and hopefully have a few pictures drawn.

cut )
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I had not heard from him in a while. I wonder if he forgot...
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A date... I actually said I would go on a date with him...

Dear Soa, what have I gotten myself into?
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[What you hear is a bunch of squeaking from a toy.] I could have sworn that I did not get you a toy that made noise that this year. So where in Soa's name did you get that? [The squeaking stops and then starts up again. Then you hear Rose sigh.]

[She must have notice that the mic was on.] Thank you, Corinthian, Jak, and Naesala, for the gifts.
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Lovely... It figures that, even though I was not out for long in the cold with my head uncovered, I catch cold. Though, I think Rascal is feeling guilty about the whole thing... Looks like I will not be going to the Hall of Warriors until I get over this.
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I did not realize that the anniversary was approaching. In just a few more weeks it will be two years since that Moon finally set. Two years since I've seen the real Zieg alive and not an illusion that the community created. Two years since I somehow survived the destruction of the Divine Tree...

Now I have two things I wish to distract myself from.


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