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I did not realize that the anniversary was approaching. In just a few more weeks it will be two years since that Moon finally set. Two years since I've seen the real Zieg alive and not an illusion that the community created. Two years since I somehow survived the destruction of the Divine Tree...

Now I have two things I wish to distract myself from.
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I woke up this morning alone and in my room in the Dreaming. So it was all just a virus. The community was both generous and cruel at the same time with this one. I am grateful to spend some time with Zieg again, but it was bad enough that I had lost him twice. Now I had lost him a third time. That virus made me realize just how much I miss him.
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It appears that Rascal has been finding a larger amount of sweets as of late. Mostly these ginger cookies shaped like people and these red and white peppermint candies. It must be because of that winter holiday that is coming up that some worlds celebrate. I really did not pay much attention to it last year because of what was going on in my own world at the time. .... Perhaps I will part take in it this year....


In another week and a half it would be a year since that day. Where I had last seen Zeig, Dart, and the others... The day where I should have died along with Zieg... It is hard to believe that much time has passed when it is still so fresh in my memory.

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... Only one Signet Sphere left... The final Sphere is in the Death City Mayfil. I never wanted to step foot in that place again. According to Coolon, the place is still gathering souls, even after it crashed to the ground during the Dragon Campaign. It is unnerving news to here. I wonder how many souls I unknowingly sent there when I had to play my role as the Black Monster...

There is still sometime left. As long as the Moon stays in the sky, we still have a chance to save this world.

We found the final Dragoon Spirit when Coolon took us to get supplies. No surprise that it chose Kongol as its master. But in all the places to find the Dragoon Spirit of the Golden Dragon, we find it in a merchants stall who was trying to sale it for a few pieces of gold. Perhaps now with all seven Dragoon Spirits, we can stop Zieg.


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