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It appears that Rascal has been finding a larger amount of sweets as of late. Mostly these ginger cookies shaped like people and these red and white peppermint candies. It must be because of that winter holiday that is coming up that some worlds celebrate. I really did not pay much attention to it last year because of what was going on in my own world at the time. .... Perhaps I will part take in it this year....


In another week and a half it would be a year since that day. Where I had last seen Zeig, Dart, and the others... The day where I should have died along with Zieg... It is hard to believe that much time has passed when it is still so fresh in my memory.

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Blast! Of all the things that can happen on the way Donau, this had to happen. Dart's Dragoon Spirit was stolen by bandits. Now we have been set back a couple of because now we have to find this so called 'Gehrich Gang' hide out and get it back. We should be arriving in Donau today. Most likely the townspeople will have some information. He should have kept it in a more secured place!

Some members in the community seems to be acting strange, again... Whatever seems to be going around this time, it looks like it hasn't affected me.
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Finally we can get around to leaving this town. Dart did not win the Heroes Competition, but he did place second. There is something about the winner that is nagging me though...

The one who placed third is apparently a friend of Darts. I admit he is quite strong for an older man, but very annoying as far as his personality goes.

[locked but hackable]
The Black Monster... Dart was.. is searching for the Black Monster in order to gain revenge. I wonder what he would think if he found out that the Monster is closer then he thinks?
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I have found that boy, Dart. I was right, he is a dragoon like myself. Dragoon of the Red-eye Dragon to be exact. How his family came into possession of a Dragoon Spirit, especially that one, is beyond me. He said it belonged to his father, but who had it before his father is unknown.

I had to save him a second time. This time from a Giganto, and luckily his Dragoon Spirit activated. Though he did faint after the battle... I have to teach how to control his power.

His companions, Shana and Lavitz, remind me of my dear comrades from long ago. Shana didn't trust me until Dart finally came to and explained that I saved him once before. The girl must have a thing for the boy. Why else would she yell at me for saving him? It doesn't matter, I'm used to being hated. Lavitz seems like an okay fellow. He is captain of the First Knighthood of Basil, and thus a strong ally to have.

We are leaving today to go to Volcano Villude where the Green Tusked Dragon's nest is. Sandora has been using the Dragon for more attacks on Basil, and successfully weakening Basil's Knighthoods. A Dragon can not be defeated by humans, but with two dragoons, there is a chance.


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