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We are almost to the Valley of Corrupted Gravity, and hopefully we'll get Dart's Dragoon Spirit back soon. Dealing with bandits is a pain, but we don't have a choice at the moment.

Speaking of pain... Meru is going to drive me into insanity with her antics. She thinks all this is a game, and saying how much fun it would be once we get to the Valley. From what I remember about that place, it has a lot of backwash from the Dragon Campaign... Not a place where I would think one can have 'fun' in.

We were also asked by Princess Lisa in Fletz to find out if there is a connection between the bandits and her older sister's unusual behavior. I think the chances of that are highly likely. One's personality doesn't change that dramatically from falling off a horse.

That girl Meru... It is most likely that she is a Wingly. She shares the same physical characteristics of one, with her white hair and red eyes. But does she choose to live among humans? Oh well, it's none of my business and if she is not going to say anything to anyone, then neither will I.
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Blast! Of all the things that can happen on the way Donau, this had to happen. Dart's Dragoon Spirit was stolen by bandits. Now we have been set back a couple of because now we have to find this so called 'Gehrich Gang' hide out and get it back. We should be arriving in Donau today. Most likely the townspeople will have some information. He should have kept it in a more secured place!

Some members in the community seems to be acting strange, again... Whatever seems to be going around this time, it looks like it hasn't affected me.
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It appears the dragon that has been roaming about is the Green Tusked Dragon, Feyrbrand. I had to save a young man from being eaten by the beast.

It appears that Imperial Sandora used the dragon to destroy a village. It's odd though. A village of that size could have been easily been destroyed with just the use of soldiers. You can say the dragon was over kill. Why would Imperial Sandora be interested in that village in the first place?

[locked but hackable]
It can't be. That young man... My Dragoon Spirit reacted to him. That means he could be... And he looks so much like Zeig... I'll keep a close eye on him to see if my suspicions are correct.


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