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I do not feel like I can talk to anyone about this, at least not all of it, I figure I can write it down where hopefully no one will see.

So many things happened all at once when we got to Velweb... Lloyd led us to where the so called Emperor Diaz was. That was when the first two blows happened. The emperor impersonator turn out to be Zieg... He is older now but his eyes are still the same. To see him alive again, the curse lifted from him... If the circumstances were different I would have been happy to see him again... But he is no longer the man I fell in love with so long ago. Something happened within the twenty six he waken from the curse. He wants to destroy the world, saying it is Soa's will. The other hard blow is that he is also Dart's father... Though it does explain why Dart reminds me so much of Zieg...

Then a third blow... He told all my companions that I am the Black Monster. The one thing I wanted to keep away from them... Now they know I have more blood on my hands then any villain they have come across, combined.

Then came then forth and final blow... I failed in my mission eighteen years ago... The Moon Child had a twin, and it was the twin that I killed, while the actual Child was hidden away... And what makes it worse is Shana is the Moon Child. The one who I came to love as a dear friend holds the soul of the God of Destruction... Now if I want to keep my world alive, I would have to kill my own friend... Having all this happen at once... It felt like my heart was shattering.

Lloyd is no more now... Zieg killed him when the Wingly found out that he was helping Zieg destroy the world and not creating a Utopia. I cannot say I am happy to see him go, since he was misled...

Zieg got away, with Shana and the Moon Objects, to prepare to unit the Moon Child with the Moon that Never Sets. He mentioned there were other things that needed to be done, and it was hinted that it will take some months... I figure we have three months at most... I need to take my companions to Ulara now. I have some questions that need some answers, and there is only one person who can answer them. It usually takes a month to cross the Death Frontier, but that is only if you take the safe route. Considering we are on a time limit now, we need to take the short-cut, which is fairly dangerous since there are very few oases and more beasts. We will go to the small village on the edge on the Frontier first to get supplies. Hopefully we will come to a solution to this problem that does not involve killing Shana.

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