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Rose didn't care if it wasn't a normal practice day or not for the fencing team. Having a bad day yesterday, with having to wear a dress and dealing with Hakuba, she decided to blow off some steam today. Other teams weren't using the practice gym today after school, so she just took the chance to use it to practice her fencing techniques alone.

((feel free to bug her))
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All three of my characters will be students so both Hector and Rose will be aged backwards to around 17/18

Rose: She's going to be a senior who is a goth who gets straight A's, is level headed, and has no problem with speaking her mind to other students or teachers. Also she'll be a bit of a tomboy in the sense that the only times she'll wear a skirt are if she lost a bet, or if the school has a uniform that requires girl, which I'm not sure if there will be a uniform or not. She'll also be a bit of a loner with the exception of a few friends. Finally, she'll be on the Fencing Team, and if there no objections, would it be alright to say that she's captain of the team?

Hector: He'll also be a senior transfer student from Romania. Being a transfer student he'll be a bit confused by how the school works and he'll also be socially shy and awkward. He'll be usually polite, but he won't be the type to take crap from anyone. As far as grades go, he'll be around average. Also, he likes animals and has a tendency to be an animal magnet. Seriously, if he's outside, some kind of animal is going to be following him around, either it be a cat, dog, squirrel, or raven.

Sari: She'll be a sophomore, daughter of the founder and CEO of a famous robotics company, and one of those students who is too smart for their own good. You know the kind. The ones who go to class, get board out of the mind, and end up being a class clown. Probably gets called "that weird kid" a lot but it doesn't bother her. She'll be doing things like hacking into the schools server to put Hello Kitty screen savers on all the school's computers, or deleting tests that she doesn't feel like taking. And she is surprisingly very good at hacking because no one can trace anything back to her. She'll be in the computer club btw, so probably other members might suspect it's her hacking into the school. Finally she'll have above average grades.

Let me know if you think I should add anything.


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