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This is Rose. If you need to speak with me leave a message...
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Perhaps I should look into getting someone to teach me how to cook better, one day... I can cook somethings over a campfire just fine. So why is it when I try to make anything in a proper kitchen, I burn it or it is inedible?

I might have to think of something else if this does not work out soon...
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Blast! Of all the things that can happen on the way Donau, this had to happen. Dart's Dragoon Spirit was stolen by bandits. Now we have been set back a couple of because now we have to find this so called 'Gehrich Gang' hide out and get it back. We should be arriving in Donau today. Most likely the townspeople will have some information. He should have kept it in a more secured place!

Some members in the community seems to be acting strange, again... Whatever seems to be going around this time, it looks like it hasn't affected me.
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It turns out the man we are pursuing is not in Fletz. This isn't the only town in Tiboeria though. We are leaving for Donau sometime today. So much for a few days rest... But it shouldn't take too long to get there. It's just two days travel, at most, over the Barrens.

We were warned that bandits occupy the Barrens but I'm not too worried about dealing with those pests.

[locked: hackable with skill]
I did manage to get about an hour of sleep last night, after playing some game called 'Sudoku.' It's pretty addictive...

It still bothers me how obsessed Dart is about the Black Monster. I don't want to see his reaction if he finds out how close the Black Monster is to him...


Jun. 5th, 2008 03:18 pm
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My personality type: the reliable realist

I never thought I would be taking one of these quiz things, but people do strange things when they are bored.

Albert's advisor's should be here any day now. I hope we don't fall too far behind waiting for them. Perhaps we should ride horses to Tiberoa instead of going on foot. It would help make up for lost time.


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