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A bright light flashed in the sky, just above the treetops. From the light fell Rose, still in her Dragoon armor. She was unconscious from the explosion that happened in her own world, and she hit the earth with a bit of a grunt. Her hand was still clutching the Dragon Buster, but the blade had deactivated and thus it looked like she was only holding the sword hilt. Close by her was a small travel bag that transported with her.

Giving off a small groan, she cracked her eyes open and tried to push herself up only to collapse again into unconsciousness. Her Dragoon armor, glowed and then disappeared, leaving her only in her normal leather armor. The Dragoon Spirit fell to the ground and rolled a few inches away from her.

((ooc: Rose has reached the end of her canon, but instead of dying, she gets blasted to another world! XD))
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Of all the viruses that could affect her, it had to be this one. And such poor timing too. She was just about ready to leave the small camp she set up the night before and continue on her way to Neet when it happened. After she had untangled herself from her clothes and armor, which did not transform with the rest of her, she heard the sounds of something coming close by. She had just enough time to grab her device in her mouth and run to a barrow that was surrounded by large rocks for hiding.

Now Rose was curled up at the very back to the barrow while two large monsters called Wounded Bears were trying to dig their way in. She had already scratched one on the nose for sticking it's head in, but that only seemed to anger it. As much as she hated being defenseless and asking for help, she hope help will come soon.


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