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Soa... Can we agree that the past few days did not happen?

[Locked to Naesala.]

Naesala? Can I speak with you, in person?
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Rose feels ridiculous. As usual, she has lost the argument with Charle, and thus is wearing a dress for the surprise she has in store for Naesala. At least she was free to wear what she wants on her feet, which is a pair soft leather boots. Not that anyone can see them with how long the skirt is, but she will not be repeating the pain she felt during that ball the community decided to throw a while back.

She finishes placing the food on the table. Having tried several dishes with Hakkai and Roze, a simple beef and vegetable stew with rice was one of the few she found hard to ruin. Not exactly a fancy meal but it will do. The last thing she adds to the table is a bottle of wine. The same wine that he gave her for Christmas last year. It has yet to be open since she is not much of a drinker, but now, she thinks would be a good time to enjoy it.

All that is left now, is to wait for Naesala to arrive, and that, for some odd reason, makes Rose nervous, even though she has no reason to be.
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[So what is Rose daydreaming about now? Well, she is in a field practicing with her sword. Her movements are graceful and shows how skilled she is. She is concentrating on her movements she doesn't notice someone is coming up behind her.

[A yelp escapes her as the person's arms wrap around her. She briefly tenses up, but then relaxes, a slight frown on her face. You still can't see who the other person is.]

You know, I could have easily cut right into you for sneaking up on me like that.

[There is a low chuckle, and a male's voice is heard.] I figured, but I thought I would take the risk.

[She signs and turns around in their arms, a slight smile on her face. Now you can see who snuck up behind her. It is a certain raven king that is present on the community. She reaches up and kisses him on the lips, and it is not a brief peck.

[And the video ends with them still kissing.]
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A virtual kiss, Naesala? Really?
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A date... I actually said I would go on a date with him...

Dear Soa, what have I gotten myself into?
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I am getting tired of avoiding this.

Naesala, I think we should talk.
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Why? Why in Soa's name did he say that? What's more, why am I reacting like this?

If he really knew about me, he would not have asked. Perhaps if I do tell him he would leave me be. So why am I hesitating about telling him?


This is ridiculous.

((ooc: refers to this conversation.))


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