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[Things were certainly interesting at Rose's home this evening. Having a small dragon with two cats made the place not as peaceful as it usually does. Especially when the two cats were originally two giant robots, and the small dragon has been trying to get them to play with it. Luckily it was starting to get late so maybe things may start to quiet down a bit?]
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Rose feels ridiculous. As usual, she has lost the argument with Charle, and thus is wearing a dress for the surprise she has in store for Naesala. At least she was free to wear what she wants on her feet, which is a pair soft leather boots. Not that anyone can see them with how long the skirt is, but she will not be repeating the pain she felt during that ball the community decided to throw a while back.

She finishes placing the food on the table. Having tried several dishes with Hakkai and Roze, a simple beef and vegetable stew with rice was one of the few she found hard to ruin. Not exactly a fancy meal but it will do. The last thing she adds to the table is a bottle of wine. The same wine that he gave her for Christmas last year. It has yet to be open since she is not much of a drinker, but now, she thinks would be a good time to enjoy it.

All that is left now, is to wait for Naesala to arrive, and that, for some odd reason, makes Rose nervous, even though she has no reason to be.
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[Rose arrived at the location that Minato told her about. She recognized the location as one of the Earth worlds, so she decided to more modern clothes than her leather armor. It made her feel a bit awkward, but it was better than standing out if someone else sees her. She also decided to bring one of her normal swords, rather than the Dragon Buster, since this was just for practice.]
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Rose waited outside the entrance to the Palace of the Dreaming waiting for Charle's arrival. She had already informed the Wingly elder where to meet her, figuring it would be better to have her arrive outside the palace instead of just appearing inside.

At least the wait was a bit amusing. Rascal was currently trying to chat with the dragon like guardian to the palace and only being ignored in return. Of course, that didn't stop the little dragon from chirping away.
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Rose is currently walking down the street, looking at the strange houses along the way. Though interesting, they were not the main reason why she decided to go out and explore the neighborhood. She was searching for her dragon whom flew away in his excitement over the new world.

((feel free to bug her people!))
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It was early morning at Rose's quiet beach house in Malaysia. Light was just starting to ma Rose herself was still at the edge of sleep. Not quite wanting to wake up for the day just yet, but still becoming aware of her surroundings.

She nestled closer to the warm body that was next to her. Normally she would have stiffened up and jerked awake, but she was slowly getting used to sharing a bed. Now hopefully she can get a few more minutes of sleep before what was starting to become the usual morning routine, started up.
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Rose didn't know exactly where Jak was, and it was obvious that he wasn't going to tell her. So she just had to concentrate a little hard and use some more of her energy to home in on his location and world hop there.

And of course, Rascal hopped on her her shoulder at the last minute. The little dragon was chattering at her, as if he were trying to talk sense into her. Rose just waved her hand at him, and started looking around for Jak.
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[For once Rose was sleeping peacefully. Before she went to bed, she had left her last visitor tied up and gagged, just so it would stay quiet. She imagined that the obnoxious teenager would be gone by morning hopefully, if the virus continued with the same pattern. Even if she did wake up alone she still wore her usual loose button down shirt and panties to bed, just to be on the safe side.

Rascal, her little black dragon just woke up hungry and yawn. He chirped a little, sensing someone else in the bed other then his owner. Curious, he crawled over Rose's shoulder to get a closer look the stranger, giving a soft chirp.]
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Rose had hopped to this world some time ago. She had traded in some of her coins for the money of this world when Nancy and Rider dragged her along for a shopping trip. With that money she had gotten a room at an inn so that she could change clothes. Now she was wearing the dress that she had bought earlier, waiting by the fountain they had agreed to meet at. The Trevi Fountain is what she heard one couple call it earlier. The shoes that Nancy insisted that she wear were starting to hurt her feet a bit, and made her wonder why Nancy made such a big deal about them. Her circlet was gone, leaving her hair loose, and she was wearing a small amount of jewelry along with her silver choker.

She had to leave her sword at the inn. No matter how much she tired, she couldn't wear her sword belt with the dress without looking silly so she left it behind. It made her feel vulnerable but hopefully that would go away once he arrived. If push comes to shove she could always hit with her purse if she were attacked.
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A bright light flashed in the sky, just above the treetops. From the light fell Rose, still in her Dragoon armor. She was unconscious from the explosion that happened in her own world, and she hit the earth with a bit of a grunt. Her hand was still clutching the Dragon Buster, but the blade had deactivated and thus it looked like she was only holding the sword hilt. Close by her was a small travel bag that transported with her.

Giving off a small groan, she cracked her eyes open and tried to push herself up only to collapse again into unconsciousness. Her Dragoon armor, glowed and then disappeared, leaving her only in her normal leather armor. The Dragoon Spirit fell to the ground and rolled a few inches away from her.

((ooc: Rose has reached the end of her canon, but instead of dying, she gets blasted to another world! XD))
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Rose was still in the clearing where everything happened, or thought that happened. There were no decayed heads, no blood, not even other foot prints in the snow, just Rose's. By now she was sitting at the base of a tree, her knees drawn up with her arms resting on them. Her sword was still where she dropped it after she 'killed Dart' and her journal device was a short distance away from her. The sun was starting to get low in the sky, and the second smaller moon started to rise to join the large moon that was always present in the sky.

She was shaking some. More from trying to get a firm grip on her emotions again then from the actual cold. For the first time in a long time, she didn't know what to do.
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Of all the viruses that could affect her, it had to be this one. And such poor timing too. She was just about ready to leave the small camp she set up the night before and continue on her way to Neet when it happened. After she had untangled herself from her clothes and armor, which did not transform with the rest of her, she heard the sounds of something coming close by. She had just enough time to grab her device in her mouth and run to a barrow that was surrounded by large rocks for hiding.

Now Rose was curled up at the very back to the barrow while two large monsters called Wounded Bears were trying to dig their way in. She had already scratched one on the nose for sticking it's head in, but that only seemed to anger it. As much as she hated being defenseless and asking for help, she hope help will come soon.


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