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I have a feeling Charle is up to something and it involves me. For the past few days she has been acting strange around me, and not being as nosy as usual. Nor does she want to chat as long as usual. Normally I would not mind her minding her own business for once, but with her it could never turn out well for me in the end.
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I am glad that is finally over with. If this place decides to turn me into another four legged creature again, it would be too soon.

I hope others fared the bet of insanity the community decided to throw at us better than I did.
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[What you hear is a bunch of squeaking from a toy.] I could have sworn that I did not get you a toy that made noise that this year. So where in Soa's name did you get that? [The squeaking stops and then starts up again. Then you hear Rose sigh.]

[She must have notice that the mic was on.] Thank you, Corinthian, Jak, and Naesala, for the gifts.
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Lovely... Not only is this ship apparently haunted with some violent spirits, but somehow I ended up being stuck sharing a single bed cabin with him.

Could this possible get anymore annoying? At least the first time I was on a ship with ghosts, there was a way to get off it right away.
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I am relieved that virus is over, though I do not know what had become of my twin. She had somehow left the Dreaming to go somewhere else. Though it does not matter now, I suppose.
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Finally... I woke up this morning without being affected by another virus. So many viruses in a row can be a bit tiring after a while. I can only hope that something like that will not happen again.

Corinthian, I will bring Ata back to your place right away.


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