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There is no possible way I could have done that with Naesala and Jak. That video has to be fake.
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Rose is currently walking down the street, looking at the strange houses along the way. Though interesting, they were not the main reason why she decided to go out and explore the neighborhood. She was searching for her dragon whom flew away in his excitement over the new world.

((feel free to bug her people!))
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Something must have happened. Rascal is clinging to me like he has not seen me in days.

I know a few days have gone by, according to the calender, but I do not know what happened during them. I remember fragments like from a dream, but nothing that will make up a whole memory. And I know it was not a dream because I am sure I was awake.

Knowing the community, maybe it is best that I do not remember.

((Rose doesn't remember what happened during the virus. She might at a later date, but for now, she is going to wonder what the hell you are talking about.))
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Rose had hopped to this world some time ago. She had traded in some of her coins for the money of this world when Nancy and Rider dragged her along for a shopping trip. With that money she had gotten a room at an inn so that she could change clothes. Now she was wearing the dress that she had bought earlier, waiting by the fountain they had agreed to meet at. The Trevi Fountain is what she heard one couple call it earlier. The shoes that Nancy insisted that she wear were starting to hurt her feet a bit, and made her wonder why Nancy made such a big deal about them. Her circlet was gone, leaving her hair loose, and she was wearing a small amount of jewelry along with her silver choker.

She had to leave her sword at the inn. No matter how much she tired, she couldn't wear her sword belt with the dress without looking silly so she left it behind. It made her feel vulnerable but hopefully that would go away once he arrived. If push comes to shove she could always hit with her purse if she were attacked.
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Blast! Of all the things that can happen on the way Donau, this had to happen. Dart's Dragoon Spirit was stolen by bandits. Now we have been set back a couple of because now we have to find this so called 'Gehrich Gang' hide out and get it back. We should be arriving in Donau today. Most likely the townspeople will have some information. He should have kept it in a more secured place!

Some members in the community seems to be acting strange, again... Whatever seems to be going around this time, it looks like it hasn't affected me.


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